My Done-For-You Content Marketing Solutions

You are a busy business owner or you are in charge of marketing for your company and you just want content marketing solutions you can trust to save you stress and time. With my Done For You content marketing solutions you can build a personal and corporate brand and execute marketing campaigns designed to convert leads to sales.

Blog package

Remember those days when you could stuff all your keywords on a page and be done? Well Google has changed the rules, and with good reason. Its number 1 concern is that Googlers get a good experience and find what they are looking for quickly. That’s good news if you are the Googler – not so good if you are the Googlee (trying to get found on Google!). Nowadays, you can only optimise a web page for one keyword phrase, so if you’ve got a five page website, that’s not many words you’ve got going for you. Now if you have a blog on that site, you are adding new pages regularly – and that means new keyword phrases that you can be found by. But there’s another eason a blog is such a good idea – with regular educational content being put out – just like what I’m doing here – you get to establish yourself as an expert, become trusted and people will want to buy from you!

We can research and write your blogs for you. We’ll agree on the number you want or can budget for per month and then leave the rest to us. We’ll optimise them for you too.


Brand Me Personal Branding package

As a business owner or leader, having a personal brand will help you build authority in your niche. Look no further than my Brand Me Personal Branding package. You’ll get a personal brand that is supportive of, but separate from, your business brand. This includes the creation of consistent branding across relevant social media pages such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter as well as a personal brand website. And to position you as a thought leader, I’ll help you create the messages you need to put out there to build your own following. It’s all taken care of!


Sales Funnel package

How great would it be to have automated email marketing that converts even while you sleep? With my Sales Funnel package, you’ll get an automated email campaign that attracts potential customers and nurtures them through your sales process until they are confident and comfortable enough to make a purchase from you.

The package also includes the creation of shareable lead magnets and landing pages to drive potential leads into your funnel. We only need to create it once and then you can leave the campaign to chug away in the background, converting customers, which leaves you to focus on what you do best – building your business!


Get Ready Get Seen Get Business package

Affordable marketing packages don’t get better than this. My Get Ready Get Seen Get Business package has been carefully designed to suit small and medium-sized businesses who need a helping hand getting off the ground. On a retainer basis, I’ll guide you through the entire marketing process, including:

Get Ready – I’ll look at your brand identity, brand voice and key messages to assess whether your brand appears credible and consistent, making the necessary changes to bring it in line with your vision.

Get Seen – To build awareness online, I’ll create quality content that establishes you as an authority in your field and exposes you to your intended target audience.

Get Business – Finally, to start converting those curious visitors into paying customers, I’ll nurture and engage your growing list of potential clients with automated email campaigns until they are ready to buy from you.

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