My mission is not only to help you market your business, but to marketSMART



Ange Dove

#Copy Warrior

Ange Dove

Master Copywriter

Ange Dove

Mentor & Author

About Ange

I work with international companies in Singapore to help them execute their marketing strategies with quality copywriting and graphic design services through my content marketing agency Proof Perfect. And I take my 20 years of hands-on business and marketing know-how to mentor start-ups and small business owners to help them optimise their marketing activities within small-business budgets.

As a fellow small business owner, I understand the challenges that small businesses face in driving traffic and converting leads into loyal paying customers.



Ask most of my clients about me and you’re most likely to hear the word “passion” a lot of the time. Passion for what I was born to do – write.

Well, that’s what I USED to think I did for a profession – write copy. I’m a copywriter after all and run Proof Perfect, Singapore’s the first and longest-standing copywriting agency. But after much soul searching and listening to my clients, I realised it goes WAY beyond that.

My real role

I’m all about pinpointing what it is you REALLY do and communicating that VALUE to YOUR customers in a way that they instantly get.

(The goal is increased sales after all!)

When I take on a project, I really CARE about the outcome – to the point of obsession.

I become determined to protect your corporate or brand reputation through analysis of your image and message, and an awareness of how you need to position yourself — so I’m a great person to have on your side. 

The Copy Warrior protects your reputation


I’m willing to get tough in taking my stand if I think you’re doing yourself an injustice. As your copywriter and marketing advisor, I see it as my OBLIGATION to give you copy that works.


So I’m always there to provide guidance and support, helping my clients become aware of what they don’t know and empowering them to devise strategic marketing plans to take their business forward.

Empowering businesses to go it alone


My clients know they can come to me with their marketing issues and I’ll set them in the right direction. As a copywriter and mentor, I’ve helped many companies over the last 20 years to find their brand voice and have trained copywriters I employ to enhance their skills in writing copy that sells.Business owners come to my group and private couching sessions for guidance on how to create and manage more powerful marketing campaigns and over time I’ve put that training into online training courses that you’ll be able to access soon through my online academy MarketSMART Learning Hub.


Benefit from my years of doing 

I combine my passion for what I do for a living with my purpose of sharing my knowledge with small business owners who needed to know the things that I have invested YEARS and 100,000s of dollars learning.

You see, there has never been a cheaper or better time to be in business as a small business owner who can’t afford traditional advertising media. With all the online resources out there, and a multitude of social media platforms to market on, for a fraction of the cost, affordable marketing is finally possible for the small business owner. And it’s more targeted than ever before. THAT means your costs are lower and the impact more effective. We’re talking predictable and respectable ROI.



You’re in business, but you don’t have to go it alone.


I’ve created my business from scratch and I’ve paid in the hundreds of thousand over the last ten years in mentoring fees and training fees  to make my business a success.  I’ve also learnt from plenty of mistakes around marketing, HR and negotiating.

My purpose is to help business owners avoid the mistakes I madeuse my knowledge over 20 years in marketing and business and grow faster than I ever could.

Tap on my experience and fast-track your growth.



I can help you Get Ready, Get Seen, Get Business and:


  • avoid costly hiring mistakes
  • systemise your business for greater productivity
  • be the right brand
  • understand your target audience segments and market to them
  • create a marketing plan to achieve your objectives
  • get your website working to convert leads
  • implement online marketing campaigns and rinse and repeat
  • build your database of clients
  • nurture clients automatically until they are ready to buy

There are several ways you can work with me, from DIY online and group programmes to one-on-one programmes, and Done-For-You solutions if you want to get immediate results as you learn.



So have a look and decide which way is right for you.

I look forward to helping you fast-track your business!